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A Little More About Julia

Julia came to yoga to find physical strength and stability. What she found was that to get to the body, you have to start with the mind.

For her, Yoga is about connections; the connection of body, breath, mind, & spirit. As one of her  teachers says, “Every movement is an offering.” It can be an offering to your best self, or to something greater, you choose, and it’s always right. There is a Yoga practice for everyone and EVERYONE can practice yoga. Her favorite classes to teach are foundational; classes where students can reconnect to their bodies, find their breath, and find ease in their practice. She teaches Vinyasa, Slow Flow. and Beginners classes that focus on alignment to keep her students safe and to feel the joy of finding movement and release deep in their bodies. Julia’s goal in every class is to have students leaving feeling good about their bodies, their practice, and their ability to move with joy and ease.

Much of Julia’s yoga can be found on online through social media platforms, but she also teaches in-person classes and private lessons in her local town in Northern California. She has created different online series consisting of live and pre-recorded classes to help people dive deeper into their practice whether it’s postures, meditation, breathwork, or more personal goals. Julia started out doing yoga through a yoga app on her iPad and through Instagram before heading into her local studio, where she now teaches. She found a community online that supported her journey and helped her find her joy in yoga. Because of this, she understands that people need different options to coming to class; in-person, online, livestreaming, social media, and more. There’s no single right way to practice yoga, there’s just what works best for your life.

Julia is a 200 E-RYT, a 500 RYT, and has over 800 total training hours. She got her initial 500 hours teacher training in Hatha yoga with an Embodyoga method from Karen Miscall-Bannon. She has also done 150 hours with Eoin Finn in his Blissology yoga program. As well as doing mantra, yin, and trauma informed trainings. Julia is a firm believer that the best teachers continue to be students. There is always more to learn, fresh approaches to take, and knowledge to gather. When we stop learning we stop growing.

Yoga is so much more than what happens on the mat, but the mat is a beautiful place to start it all.

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